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How Old Is Shakira

How Tall Is Shakira? - Height Comparison!

Find out how tall Shakira is! To help visualize her height, we've included a side by side comparison with other celebrities, short and tall!...

2016-02-12 00:45 295 Dailymotion

Shakira is Reportedly Pregnant

Colombian singer, Shakira, is reportedly pregnant with baby number two!...

2014-07-28 00:56 841 Dailymotion

Is Shakira Still Pregnant?

Shakira's footballer boyfriend Gerard Pique teases fans on Twitter as he announces the birth of their baby… but is it a prank?...

2012-12-28 00:57 519 Dailymotion

4 Years old shakira in england

4 Years old shakira in england...

2015-12-04 02:39 1 Dailymotion

4 Years Old Shakira Dancing Salsa

4 Years Old Shakira Dancing Salsa...

2017-04-21 02:39 22 Dailymotion

Shakira & Ray wedding highlights

Film & Photos: We feel so happy and lucky to have filmed and captured Shakira and Ray’s wedding. It was the first time we worked at the ...

2016-06-29 05:11 0 Vimeo

Check This!!

Having spent years in the music industry performing alongside the likes of Kylie, Ed Sheeran, The Killers and Rihanna, there's no disputing the exceptional musi...

2017-06-06 10:42 0 Vimeo

Be My Rock Star/ Oria Aspen

Be My Rock Star for Oria Aspen Long Island Video Production by Bill Cusick Productions at Long Island Video Production, Videography, Di...

2011-10-12 03:00 0 Vimeo

Josh Barnett and USADA | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 376

Rumors of Anthony Joshua to fight in the UFC for $500 Million [2:22] Could this move happen in MMA? [6:57] Pat Miletich on the JRE [7:52] Boxing vs MMA [10:10] ...

2018-03-26 37:59 0 Vimeo