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Rod Taylor - album Rod Taylor 1973

2018-05-27 177 Dailymotion

Singer-songwriter folk and coutry rock Rod Taylor's debut album backed by an all-star cast.
Country and folk of course, led by Taylor's bluesy, lived-in sounding vocals, with occasional horn chart and psyched-out fiddling.

Rod Taylor - vocals,guitar,backing vocals.
Andrew Gold,Jesse Davis - guitar.
Steve Van Gelder - guitar,fiddle.
Ry Cooder - guitar,mandolin.
Joel Tepp - slide guitar,harmonica,dobro,clarinet.
Chuck Plotkin,Craig Safan,Larry Knetchel,Steve Ferguson - piano.
Red Rhodes - pedal dobro.
Bill Payne,organ.
Don Caverhill - organ,piano.
Gary Mallaber clavinet,drums.
Charles Findley - trumpet.
David LaFlamme - electric fiddle.
Jim Horn -saxophone.
Lew McCreary - baritone horn.
Buell Neidlinger,Kenny Edwards,Lee Sklar - bass.
Jim Keltner,Russ Kunkel - drums.
Joni Mitchell,Bonnie Bramblett - backing vocals.

I ought to know.
Railroad blood.
Double life.
Making a way.
Sweet inspiration.
Livin' dangerous blues.
Something old.
Man who made it fall.
Lost iron man.
For me.
The last song.