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YouTube Tips Music

2014-01-24 691 Dailymotion

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In this YouTube Tips video we talk about Music.
Yes, music and the wonderful world of copyright!
Long story short, if you don't use royalty free or creative commons music, you aren't going to get partnered and if you are monetizing videos where you use copyrighted music, you are breaking the law.

Only trust websites with royalty free music. Don't trust YouTube channels. I see these YouTube channels advertise "noncopyrighted music" (which doesn't exist) and half the time the music they upload is copyrighted. To be safe, only stick with traditional websites for your music needs.
Here are some examples of royalty free/creative commons music sites.

When you use royalty free music, make sure you give credit and attribution in either your description or your video. Usually the sites you get the music from say what kind of attribution you need to give.
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