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U-Rock Winter Concert 2015

2015-02-07 0 0 Vimeo

We're super proud of all our rock stars, who performed on February 1, 2015 at the Brass Monkey. In addition to twenty individual performances, this concert launched the Beetle Squishers, our student band, on the first steps to mega-stardom! Great job everyone! The performers are: The Beetle Squishers Liam Marelic, bass guitar, age 13; Becky Hall, electric guitar, age 16; Sarah Culbert, vocals, age 13; Kaitlyn Weatherall, vocals, age 14; Kyrstein Wright, vocals, age 16; and featuring Grace Carrie on drums, age 13 (I Love Rock ’n Roll/Joan Jett) Sonia Chirila, 1st year vocals, age 8 (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun/C. Lauper) Nika Gainford, 1st year vocals, age 8 (Count on Me/B. Mars) Mia Paulin, 2nd year vocals, age 7 (Colours of the Wind/Disney) Maria VanAdel, 1st year vocals, age 9 (Wide Awake/K. Perry) Avery Stone, 1st year vocals, age 8 (Happy/P. Williams) Micaela Egan, 1st year vocals, age 12 (Lights/E. Goulding) Stephanie Baker, 1st year vocals & guitar, age 14 (Perfect Two/Auburn) Sarah Culbert, 2nd year vocals, age 13 (Who You Are/Jessie J) Kiley Sass, 2nd year vocals, age 11 (Lips are Movin’/M.Trainor) Caitlin Croskery, 3rd year vocals, age 10 (Pop 101/M. Trench) Grace Carrie, 2nd year vocals, age 13 (Beautiful/C. Aguilera) Teyah DeVries, 1st year vocals, age 11 (Empire/Shakira) Kyrstein Wright, 3rd year vocals, age 16 (If I Didn’t Know Better/Nashville) Kaitlyn Weatherall, 2nd year vocals, age 14 (Skyscraper/D. Lovato) Samantha Clarke, 1st year vocals, age 13 (White Horse/T. Swift) Karolina Moo, 1st year vocals, age 12 (Not About Angels/Birdy) Megan Heslop, 1st year vocals, age 16 (Lips of an Angel/Hinder) Jonah Fortin, 1st year vocals, age 17 (Take Me to Church/Hosier) The Beetle Squishers (Satisfaction/The Rolling Stones)